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  1. gadisitugirl 7wk 5d ago

    Quote by greeno
    and make up. i like wearing dark make up but since my classes start as early as 8 in the morning i don't have time for that. so no make up and the clothes i guess :/

    saya boleh faham tapi ada perkataan yang saya tidak tahu ^^"

    Dark make up? (o_O) Is it like using black lipstick and using "celak"?
    I don't really know about make up (;-;)

    Uoooh... Iya kak XD

  2. gadisitugirl 9wk 1d ago

    Quote by greeno

    I dunno. Maybe it's more to do with what I'm wearing.

    Kak Greeno is good XD

    So clothes that we currently wearing could determine what peps think about our age.. O_o
    I see...
    Yes, kak Greeno xD
    Can kak Greeno speak in bahasa Indonesia?

  3. gadisitugirl 10wk 0d ago

    Quote by greeno

    THAT IS WHAT EVERYONE KEEP SAYING even irl lol. It's weird tho. When I was 20 people say I look 25. Now that I'm 27 they're saying I look 20 *shrug*
    Calling me senpai would confuse everyone but I don't mind either one :)

    Wow, you must have a baby face! *-* what's your secret? *-*

    If you don't mind either one then I will combine them, it will be sekak XD (senpai+kakak) lol lol
    Just kidding XD then I will call you kak Greeno XD

  4. gadisitugirl 10wk 1d ago

    Quote by greeno
    Oh hello (。・ω・)ノ゙
    Nice to meet u too

    I didn't know you are older than me tbh I thought you are teenager
    I'm sorry ;-; how impolite I am >_< should I call you senpai or kakak? *-*

  5. gadisitugirl 10wk 3d ago

    Hello Greeno XD XD nice to meet you XD

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator 10wk 6d ago


  7. Tannhauser 35wk 0d ago

    thank for the fav

  8. MarGGoTT 35wk 5d ago

    Thanks a lot for your fav and comment))

  9. Steffi1690 Moderator 47wk 4d ago


  10. Taitsujin Jun 14, 2016

    Thanks a lot for your fav
    I kinda feel honored to be your only indy art fav :p

  11. cheachan May 02, 2016

    Thanks for the suggestion and critique n.n

    Most of my markers are either drying up or leaking like hell. Have colorless used here but it's leaking bad. Plus idk if bond paper had affected the quality.

    Nevertheless, I'll apply your suggestion. Thanks again xD

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